Chander Sekar, Ph. D.

Instructor & Consultant



Dr. Chander Sekar is an Instructor & Consultant with IMACIA.

Dr. Sekar comes to IMACIA with a wealth of seasoned expertise currently a professor teaching business analytics, math, and six sigma. He was a Principal Associate for Capital One Financial Services where he developed and implemented statistical models for forecasting and sales segmentation strategies. Earlier Dr Sekar worked for Kulicke & Soffa as a Corporate Statistician with the Quality & Process Analysis Division, a manufacturer of interconnect test equipment for the semiconductor industry between 1996 and 2002. Dr. Sekar made significant contributions to the company in new product development and process improvement through diverse applications of statistics and six sigma tools. He developed and maintained quality information systems to provide a state of quality overview for management. Dr Sekar started his career teaching at premier school in India and has over twenty years of classroom teaching experience. He has published extensively, including two books on fundamentals of computer science.