Ahmed Kamel, Ph. D.




Maado Kamel is President of IMACIA.

Prior to founding IMACIA in 2016, Ahmed was President of Business Advantage International, LLC., where he fostered a culture of innovation that emphasized anticipating learners needs for problem solving and strategic decision making.

Ahmed started his career right after college in textile manufacturing as a management trainee and worked his way up to a executive level. He started in Mount Vernon Mills, Inc., and later with JPS Composite Materials. While in the field he obtained his Master & Ph.D. degrees in Textile Engineering, Integrated Industrial Complex, with a minor in Statistics from Auburn University, AL. Ten years later, he started a second career in the academic world. Between the two careers he has very unique expertise.

Ahmed travelled the continental USA cost to cost in business enjoyed business interactions with customers like USA Airforce, USA Navy, Boeing, GE craft engines, and many more. As an academic, he has been a professor, a college chair, a program director, and oversighted over a hundered professors  thousands of students. He has worked in many academic projects and published a bunch or articles. He has also been a committee member for twelve doctorate students.

Dr. Kamel is deeply committed to leveraging IMACIA’s innovative services to support, provide, and partner with the global skill development community to enable learner and corporate achievements.

IMACIA’s core values of integrity, excellence, innovation, and accountability resonate deeply with Dr. Kamel, and IMACIA team. These values translate into supporting learners, professionals, corporations, and organizations that thrive in a complex and ever-changing business environment.